Bet Crypto Club Token


The native token of the platform.

Monthly Airdrops

Receive monthly BCCT airdrops. BCC will buy these tokens on the public market with 70% of the total platform income.

Referrals rewards

Earn up to 90% of the referee’s fee for every play they make.

Integrated Market

Holders will have the possibility to interact with an integrated Market Place inside BCC platform.


Your plays, transactions, and predictions are updated every second to give you an smooth experience when playing on BetCrypto.

BetCrypto.Club Tokenomics

Rebuy and Burn

BCC will allocate 100% of the “Dev Vault” during 2019 to re-buy tokens on the public market and burn them, reducing the circulating supply. During 2020 and 2021, 20% and 10% respectively will be spent in the same way.

Liquidity and order books

Using the whole “Fee Vault” (which represents 70% of the total platform incomes) to re-buy and airdrop BCCT among holders, we guarantee a constant moving market with substantial liquidity.

Referrals Rewards

Up to 90%

  1. Depending on how much BCCT you hold, you can get an income starting from 7% and up to 90% of what your referrals spend.
  2. By holding BCCT you will be able to increase your reward per referral.

Token distribution

Locked funds will be released one year after the fund raise.

25% of the tokens are allocated to fund the platform.

20% Of the tokens are allocated for future Airdrops and Bountys.

5% Of the tokens are released to the developer team.