This is

First blockchain-based P2P gaming platform with unique technology supporting multiple blockchains to play, bet, and compete against other players in real-time based on smart-contracts technology.

Sports, eSports and events forecasting​

Place predictions on a large list of events, competing against other users in real-time.​

No registration

You don’t need to register to play or place predictions in BetCrypto. Your account is your own wallet. No name, surname, or any other info. Completely anonymous.

THE lowest fee

BetCrypto only charges 1% fee from initial transactions. Transparent and fair. We do not take profits from players rewards.

Multiple Crypto

We work with multiple blockchain allowing us to accept almost any coin/token that exist. There is no limitation regarding compatibility.


Your plays, transactions, and predictions are updated every second to give you a smooth experience when playing on BetCrypto.

Upcoming on BetCrypto.Club

PvP Games

Challenge everyone else. Funny games made to enjoy and compete other players in real-time.

Casino Style Games

Play and compete versus Smart-Contracts. Totally decentralized and fair. BetCrypto does not profit if you win or lose.

How to play?

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